Ultra Singapore 2018 Countdown

Ultra Singapore 2018 Countdown Tour at Dr. Oscar Taiyuan with Tom Taus and Tujamo...

The world-renowned Ultra Music Festival makes its return to the bustling Lion City of Singapore on June 15 and 16 for the 3rd consecutive year. Known as one of the most visited festivals in Asia, this year‘s line-up includes some of the biggest names in electronic music such as DJ Snake, Kygo, Above & Beyond and many more.

In preparation for Ultra Singapore are the highly anticipated “Countdown Tour” parties that happen across Asia. One of the largest parties anticipated is happening at none other than China’s night club giant “Dr. Oscar” located in one of the greatest industrial cities in China – Taiyuan. Returning from a headlining show the previous year, Tom Taus and DJ Mag’s #46 DJ in the world, Tujamo, will be on the decks to lead the hype in counting down to this year’s Ultra Singapore.

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