New Year 2018

Vietnam welcomes in the New Year with Tom Taus on the shores of Nha Trang Beach at Sailing Club Nha Trang...

Exiting a year and entering a new one includes epic memories for most people, and many will agree that one of the best ways to welcome the new year is on a beautiful beach with amazing music. With one of the most famous coasts in Vietnam, Nha Trang Beach welcomed the new year with a bang as Tom Taus headlined the celebration on the sands of “Sailing Club Nha Trang”. Established in 1994, Sailing Club is as iconic as it gets when it comes to nightlife destinations in Vietnam. For the last 24 years, Sailing Club has brought in thousands of guests from across the world, to ring in the new year in an extra special way. With Tom Taus headlining the celebration on the shores of Nha Trang Beach, it surely was the perfect combination to welcome in the new year.

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