M2 Club Baotou (Inner Mongolia)

M2 Club Baotou (Inner Mongolia) Grand Opening...

Beyond the large busy cities of Western China is the quiet paradise of Inner Mongolia where travellers can visit legendary desert sand dunes and experience the rich culture. This glorious region is strategically mapped out into four core tourist areas, one including the legendary city of Baotou.

As the sun goes down, one would be mistaken to think that this place is nothing more than a relaxing country side. The exact opposite transpires as this quaint little city comes alive and transforms into a center for the night life scene of the region. For this reason, young entrepreneurs have been placing serious funding in dance clubs more than ever. A fruit of that EDM boom is the grand opening of another world class venue, and the newest location, of one of the most famous clubbing brands in China – M2 Club. Turning up the star power was Chinese celebrity rapper Dragon Pig and Tom Taus as headliners of this momentous event. It was night to celebrate indeed as the city of Baotou opened its doors to one of China’s most famous names in night life.

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