Dinagsa festival

Tom Taus Makes His First Appearance at Dinagasa Festival...

Vibrant costumes, street dancing, and an endless scene of brightly painted faces – this happens every year during the month of January, as a town in Northern Negros annually celebrates the “Dinagsa Festival”. This weeklong celebration is an endless colorful party thumping with the arithmetic beating of drums, painted faces, and a whole lot of dancing. Dinagsa refers to the Hiligaynon word “dagsa” which means to come together in groups. The event draws in over 20,000 people, with everyone flocking, or “dagsa”, their way into the streets of Cadiz City- a glimpse of the sea of people goes on as far as the eye can see. Drums on the stage and drums on the streets, both the crowd and DJ Tom Taus ignited so much energy that made the crowd dance until dawn.

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